In-Person Services Registration

Journey Church exists to reach people who are disconnected from God and lead them to become fully devoted followers of Christ.

We are excited and thankful to let you know that Journey Church is preparing thoughtfully, prayerfully, and carefully for our return to on-campus services. What a joy it will be to see you again and worship God together! Our Dream Team has been training to ensure the safest experience possible, but it will take cooperation and loving hearts from all who attend to ensure the safety of even the most vulnerable. 

 In John 13:15 Jesus said, “Your love for one another will prove to the world that you are my disciples.” As we begin the process of reopening our doors, choose to love your brothers and sisters in Christ, even if you do not agree with their opinions about how to best combat COVID-19. From our start, we have been committed to focusing on things that unite us, not on things that divide us. In our 15 years of existence, this has never been more important!

 As our state reopens with some requirements and recommendations still in place, we return with some requirements and recommendations as well, so please read carefully. 

 If you or anyone in your family has COVID-19, please stay home and worship. We will continue to have online services at 9:00 and 10:45 a.m., at and on our Facebook and YouTube pages. These services are also recommended for anyone who is immunocompromised or who is in a high-risk category. 

 Journey Kids is open for Pre-registration beginning every Monday prior to the following Sunday. Registration will close at 6pm the Saturday before the Sunday. If a child is pre-registered they will be able to attend. If a child is not registered each class will have space on a first-come-first-served basis. Once a class reaches 10 it will be closed to adding more students. This is to comply with the state mandate and keep our workers and families as safe as possible. To register your child please visit For information on requirements for attending Journey Kids please visit

Kids in service are more then welcome along with the Journey Kids! Online service will continue to be streamed at the end of the Main Worship Services on our Facebook and YouTube pages.

 Everyone will enter through the front doors and exit through the rear doors. This facilitates a better flow of traffic. Pathways into the building and in the Worship Center will be clearly marked. We know this means you will have to walk a bit to get to your car, but this will help with social distancing and sanitizing. The doors to the building will open 15 minutes before the start of each service. This allows our team to have proper cleaning time in between services. 

 We strongly recommend that everyone bring a mask and wear it. We know that masks are uncomfortable and inconvenient; however, a mask protects those around you. We want to say in love to our church that we care enough about their health and their concerns to wear a mask.

 We are a hugging church, but we ask that you do not hug, high-five, or shake the hand of anyone while you are here. Refraining from these displays of caring will be hard, but in this case, your restraint demonstrates your love and care. We also will not be serving coffee or donuts in the cafe at this time. 

 Everyone will pre-register weekly through a link on the Journey website for a specific service. Since we can only operate at 50% capacity, this will help us to ensure appropriate seating. We will begin Sunday June 7 at 9:00 am and 10:45 am. Registration will be available every Monday beginning June 1. 

 We will have Dream Team members and staff available throughout the parts of the building being used; these individuals have been fully trained and will be available to answer your questions, guide you in the right direction, and do everything possible to minimize your concerns so that you can fully focus on God through thankfulness, worship, and growth.

 We realize that these requirements are inconvenient and will require extra steps for everyone who attends. We believe the inconvenience is a small price to pay to ensure the safety of our church family and one we are glad to pay so that we can resume our in-person services. Thank you in advance for your cooperation. 

 If you have questions, please email us at We want you to be able to make the right decision for your family on when to return to in-person services. We can’t wait to see you!If you have any questions, please feel free to email us!

Handbook & Welcome Packet

•    The parent must complete the necessary registration forms and pay a non-refundable Annual materials fee. This covers registration fees, book, and materials for class.

•    The parent must provide the center with a pre-school/child immunization certificate, or Blue Slip. This is to be kept updated, if it is not, the center will send out a notice stating that the required immunizations are out dated. The form can be obtained through the health department or your pediatrician.

•    The parent will receive a copy of the policies and procedures and will go over them thoroughly. The parent will sign the Parental Agreement form which indicates policies and procedures and agreed upon fees.

•    All enrollment forms, including a Schedule Information Form, must be completed by the parent and returned to the center by the first day of attendance.

•    Parents of children with special needs or handicaps must inform the director of the child’s condition(s) prior to enrollment so it can be determined if the center can adequately meet the needs of the child. This is necessary for the well being of the child.