Pastor of Spiritual Development

Journey Church exists to reach people who are disconnected from God and lead them to become fully devoted followers of Christ.

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Job Summary:

The Pastor of Spiritual Development is a member of the Executive Team at Journey and partners with the Lead Pastor to ensure that Journey is completing its mission of leading people who are disconnected from God to become fully devoted followers of Christ. The Pastor of Spiritual Development does this by providing leadership to the Life Group and Dream Team ministries of Journey Church.


  • Be a proven inspirational leader who has successfully built teams and systems that lead the church to be effective in carrying out its mission. 
  • Have a passion to help people grow personally and spiritually.
  • Have experience in building  effective teams that use their spiritual gifts to help build up the Body of Christ.
  • Have a bachelor’s degree and seminary training. 
  • Be experienced in coaching, managing, and developing leaders. 
  • Have a track record of recruiting and equipping new members to serve on various teams. 
  • Be a leader who can successfully deal with problems in a way that brings a solution to the issue while leaving individuals whole. 
  • Be a leader that brings solutions to problems.
  • Have the ability to think on his feet and solve problems quickly but with wisdom.


Essential Job Duties:

Responsibilities will include but not be limited to the following items:

  • Develop a Life Group strategy that will help build a healthy and balanced structure for the spiritual development of the people of Journey Church.
  • Train and equip life group leaders to confidently and effectively lead a sermon-based life group, a topic-based life group, or a focused (book of the Bible) study-based life group.
  • Take part in Step 2 of Growth Track and help attendees discover the best life group to fit their current stage of life. 
  • Train leaders to effectively launch new groups from their life group. 
  • Establish very clear and obvious on-ramps for the different stages and seasons of life at Journey, appropriate for the non-believer, new believer, growing Christian, nominal Christian, or  committed follower of Christ.
  • Partner with the family pastor and student pastor to develop a strategy that allows the entire family to be impacted through the life group ministry. 
  • Develop a highly effective strategy for Dream Team that is helping people discover and live out their God-given gifts and dreams through serving regularly. 
  • Train team leaders to effectively shepherd their teams by regularly praying for them, providing care, and implementing team building activities outside of normal service times. 
  • Be intentional in celebrating wins each week with the team leaders. 
  • Provide guidance to the teams by providing weekly huddle guides to be used when teams meet before services. 
  • Provide guidance and correction to team leaders, coaches, and coordinators when they are dealing with difficult issues. 
  • Lead in such a way that team leaders and members know the mission of Journey Church and why they are doing what they are doing each week. 
  • Discover new areas and ways that volunteers can serve and help advance the mission that God has given Journey Church. 
  • Take part in Step 3 of Growth Track and help attendees discover their gifts and how God can use them to be a part of the Dream Team at Journey. 
  • Oversee all things that involve the Dream Team and its members. 
  • Work with the rest of the church staff to plan and lead effective Dream Team events where team members are encouraged, celebrated, and trained to carry out their area of ministry. 
  • Meet with team leaders and members regularly to encourage them and help them take the next step in their walk with Christ. 
  • Meet weekly with the Executive Team to discuss the direction of the church, determine the next best steps, and address any areas of need.
  • Faithfully tithe to Journey Church and prayerfully give above and beyond as God leads. 
  • Become a fully engaged member of Journey Church and agree to the covenant below:


Journey Church Membership Covenant

I will protect the unity of my church 

…by acting in love toward other members. 

…by refusing to gossip. 

…by following the leaders. 

I will share in the responsibility of my church 

…by praying for its growth. 

…by inviting the unchurched to attend. 

…by warmly welcoming those who visit. 

I will serve the ministry of my church 

…by discovering my gifts and talents. 

…by being equipped to serve by my pastors. 

…by developing a servant’s heart. 

I will support the testimony of my church 

…by attending faithfully. 

…by living a godly life. 

…by giving regularly.

If this sounds like you, let’s begin the conversation today by emailing your cover letter and resume to our Lead Pastor’s Assistant, Shannon Pierce, at

Handbook & Welcome Packet

•    The parent must complete the necessary registration forms and pay a non-refundable Annual materials fee. This covers registration fees, book, and materials for class.

•    The parent must provide the center with a pre-school/child immunization certificate, or Blue Slip. This is to be kept updated, if it is not, the center will send out a notice stating that the required immunizations are out dated. The form can be obtained through the health department or your pediatrician.

•    The parent will receive a copy of the policies and procedures and will go over them thoroughly. The parent will sign the Parental Agreement form which indicates policies and procedures and agreed upon fees.

•    All enrollment forms, including a Schedule Information Form, must be completed by the parent and returned to the center by the first day of attendance.

•    Parents of children with special needs or handicaps must inform the director of the child’s condition(s) prior to enrollment so it can be determined if the center can adequately meet the needs of the child. This is necessary for the well being of the child.